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    Workshop held on April 28 2020

    DJ Pacifier focused on fundamental Ableton tools in their lesson: navigating the Ableton interface, how to get started with software instruments, drum racks, audio tracks and the sampler tool, as well as advice on workflow and other beginner tips that they personally find helpful! They did a speed-run demo of their personal process and produced the fun track u can listen to below! :)

    DJ Pacifier is a Montréal-based powerhouse DJ and producer, who both plays and produces across many genres and styles–from hardcore, to techno, to drum & bass, to unkown genres and beyond! Their current production practice is focused on sample-heavy tracks influenced by hardcore, breakcore, moshing, and raving–with a recent EP release on Manchester label Failed Units.

    They are also one of the founding members and hosts of \Open World: Open Deck’s nights, and a beloved learning facilitator from their D'AW Club project, in which new and experienced producers met once a week to work in the same space, learn from each other and share their creations–and which concluded in the release of the D'AW Club Greatest Hits compilation album.

    DJ Pacifier's Speed Run Demo made in the workshop:

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